Diseño para web 2.0

abril 23, 2006


En un taller dado por Jason Fried, Jeff Veen y Jason Kottke surgieron entre ellos estas 15 auto preguntas hechas sobre el tema del diseñador web en la era web 2.0.

Interesantes preguntas:

Right now, Web design feels like talking to the del.icio.us API and blending Flickr RSS with Upcoming iCal subscriptions. What happens when design(ers) has little to do with what's on the page?

It feels to me that IT departments still operate under the assumption that technology is a precious resource that should be guarded carefully and trickled out. This is like a pair of handcuffs to most Web teams. Why do so many enterprises treat their Web sites like shrink-wrapped software and not publications?

Do you think design "talk" is too focused on technological achievement ("Look mom, no tables!") these days, or is it a step in the right direction?

Should one design fit all? Should designers worry about their web designs working on alternate devices by default, or should each device have its own unique design?

Nos pone a pensar en la evolucion completa en la que vivimos, nosotros profesionales del medio digital.

Visita este link si quieres ver el resto de las preguntas y sus comentarios.


One Response to “Diseño para web 2.0”

  1. matiasjajaja Says:

    Quiero rescatar este comentario hecho al post de jason:

    Richard MacManus says:
    Re: What happens when design(ers) has little to do with what’s on the page?

    This is a fascinating question and it reminds me of a recent Tim Berners-Lee interview, where he talked about how the Semantic Web is all about re-using information. Yes I know TBL always talks about SemWeb, but there were some gem quotes in this one. eg:

    “The Semantic Web is just the application of weblike design to data; it will be many more decades before we will be able to say we have really implemented the Web idea in the full, if ever we can.”
    (emphasis mine)

    As I wrote a week or so ago about that: Nowadays it’s not just about designing a beautiful website, it’s about designing for re-use of information. In a way, that’s what people are already doing with RSS – designing with data.

    Actually the really interesting “data design” is happening with Atom right now – Matt Webb and friends.

    This is how I interpreted your question anyway, hope it’s along the lines you will discuss at Web 2.0. And I look forward to your write-up of the results of that workshop, for those of us stuck on the other side of the world 😦
    » by Richard MacManus on Oct 06, 2004 at 03:47 PM


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